Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodbye Smartphone... for now!

So, the one time I actually gave in and let my daughter have my phone, she ruined it!!!!!! It was slobber nation all in that phone and I did get it to come back on but the screen kept going out and now its done! I had the line switched over to a phone I was using 5 years ago. A samsung flip phone! 

It's so weird not to use a QWERTY keypad but there is some good in this. We are saving a little over $40 a month since this phone doesn't need the crazy data plan. No more internet, but that is what the computer is for! What I'll end up doing is getting a smart phone that doesn't require the data plan. Cell phone plans shouldn't be so expensive and maybe you should consider the "downgrade" too!

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  1. We are! Hubby and I are switching in June to "dumbphones" <----as I like to call them, because they aren't smartphones. I am not excited at all but I am excited about saving money.