Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Been A Rough Week!!

Quick Recap - the baby got sick, runny stuffy nose and we moved at night with no lights and a crying baby!

We are finally in our new home! I still have some unpacking to do in the kitchen and bathroom but the bathroom has to wait because we need more shelves! (no place to put anything at the moment) The baby has been a fussy one and it's been a veerrrryyyy long week. With her not being able to breath out of her nose from time to time and being in a new environment, I am sure this is all very overwhelming to her.

We were supposed to move on the 1st but my husband worked all day so he took off the next day. I had already had the gas and electric switched over so after we did our errand we had, we came home to no power! We had to pack and move in the dark with a few candles but we managed to do it!
Home Sweet Home
I want to share some products that have helped me with the baby being sick. The first product is called Nosefrida. Instead of using the nasal aspirator (bulb) to suck out the boogers/snot you use your mouth/breath to suck it out for the baby. I know it sounds gross but it really works and makes a lot of sense! With the bulb, you only have so much suction to pull boogers out. Depending how much breath you have, you can suck a lot out in one breath! It's a bit pricey but totally worth it. It's for small noses and since they say babies/kids get sick 4-5 times a year, it will come in handy I am sure. You can order it at Amazon or if you need it right now, check out your local Whole Foods which is where I got mine for $15.99. I also got the extra filters because it says you should change it every time you use it.

Another product I want to share is Boogie Wipes! They are wipes that have saline on them so I find that they easily grab the snot/boogers better than a regular wipe and not as harsh as a tissue. They have two scents, grape and fresh scent. I recommend fresh scent because the grape is a bit overwhelming and I regret getting that one. You can get these at Target for $3.99.

COMING UP: My attempt at decorating this house, getting back into shape with some other moms, and hubbys birthday! (st. patricks day)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!! :-)

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