Tuesday, February 1, 2011


February is here already! Can you believe it!? There are a few things I am excited about this month!

-Valentines Day
-Filing taxes (which means hopefully another car!)
-My Birthday!
-Going back to work (which isn't extremely exciting but 2 incomes is always great!)
-Getting back to pre-pregnancy weight (10-15lbs to go, this is the month!!)

I can't believe it has almost been a year since I stopped working! Its now time to get back on it however because Mommy and Daddy want so much for our little one. I can't believe how much time is flying, she will be 7months this month! Tomorrow she gets her shots but today she isn't feeling so well; hopefully we won't have to postpone the appointment.

On to other things - SO, I know I said checkbook cover coming soon, BUT, I ran out of black thread so I will have to make yet another trip to Jo-Ann's!

I did however make some baby shoes!! The first try went well, I had a few pieces that were backwards on each shoe and the elastic wasn't tight enough (also my first time working with elastic) but the second pair turned out much better! The pattern I used was 0-6ms and one shoe was a tad smaller than the other and gave my baby a PURPLE toe! She will not be wearing those again but its all fun practice!

Here are the shoes I made with this tutorial . Its a very easy pattern, just make sure when you are doing it you follow the pictures or print the page out. I just wrote the instructions down which explains why my first pair didn't turn out so well! ;-)
^^These are the first pair. Eek I know!

^^Second pair, not perfect, but much better! I really am learning as I go. *Don't you just love those little legs :-D*

COMING UP: Baby Valentines Day outfit (shoes included!), Hubby's Valentines Day present, Black History Month.

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  1. oh my goodness! how sweet! seems like yesterday my 3 year old daughter's feet were that small. sigh...enjoy those itty bitty toes!