Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mommy Learned a Lesson

Today we went to the zoo! I am always good to make sure that I have everything before I leave especially if its going to be a long day out. Today I felt so good because I knew I had everything! On the way to the zoo I was saying out loud to my husband everything that I needed and I had it. I was feeling really good and excited to share the experience with our little one!

Here is where I learned my lesson. It was so cold at the park! I didn't plan for this! I had checked the weather this morning and it said 73 and Partly Cloudy. All day it was very cloudy and didn't budge over 60! Mommy was very cold and so glad little one had 2 layers on. She should have had a jacket but at least she had two blankets.

My Lesson Learned: Never leave the house without a jacket! Always be prepared for the unknown. As a mommy, we only have so many strikes for mistakes but this will be the last for me. If its 100 degrees, I will have a jacket! :-D

Things that will never leave the diaper bag
1 - Diapers
2 - Wipes
3 - Blankets
4 - Extra Outfit
5 - Socks
6 - Toys
7 - Hand Sanitizer
9 - Warm hat
10 - Water bottle (you never know)
11 - Tissues/napkins
12 - Mommy things (cell phone, cash, wallet, ID, pen, chapstick etc.)
13 - Food (if necessary, I breastfeed so the food is attached to me! Can't ever leave without it!)
14 - Baby health insurance card
15 - Camera!

If you can think of anything else feel free to add! Of course this list can be adjusted to your outing but like I said, you never know. Some think they don't want to over pack but I would rather have more than less like today. Even if you don't want to lug all these things around, at least keep it in the car. When you thought you would only be out for an hour or two, you're gone longer so its always good to be prepared! Hope you all had a nice day. :)

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